Image Hide & Seek Meets Augmented Reality Hide some ghosts around your space and see if your friends and family can find them all before the time runs out! Download Ghost Seeker


Hide Ghosts

Hide ghosts for others to find. Place ghosts in several rooms and set timers to make it challenging.


Find Ghosts

Find all the hidden ghosts before the timer runs out!


Tag Ghosts

Tag the AR ghosts with your phone to capture them.

Ready to play!?

You control how difficult finding ghosts will be by where you hide them. With iPhone 12 Pro, you can even hide them behind and inside real world objects.

iPhone 12 Pro Ready!

  • LiDAR Enabled!

    With your iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR camera, you can hide ghosts behind real world objects. The more accurate depth map allows iPhone 12 Pro to understand which objects are in front of others. So if AR Ghosts float through your driveway, they’ll accurately pass behind your car and in front of the tree — just like real ghosts.
  • Improved Scene Geometry

    With a detailed representation of every surface in a room, you can place content everywhere it should go to look realistic — whether that's on the curve of your couch, the back of a chair, or even your messy desk.


App Screens

The elegant user experience makes gameplay easy to learn, and super fun to play for most ages .

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